Both BX and Binance do not support transferring Zcoin (XZC) from their systems to Zcoin addresses starting with '3' or '4' character (this is called a multsig-address), which Satang Pro uses. Therefore, in order to transfer Zcoin from their sites to Satang Pro, customers must transfer their Zcoins to other wallet software first that support multisig-address, then transfer to Satang Pro.

We suggest customers to use Coinomi ( for this task. It is available for Android and is very easy to install and use. Coinomi supports more than 40+ cryptocurrencies at the moment, including Zcoin.

Note that if you're not using Android, another options are using Bittrex or official Zcoin desktop app which you can download here:

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to transfer Zcoin from BX/Binance to Satang Pro using Coinomi.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Download and install Coinomi (, available on Android, then open the Coinomi app

2. Choose Create a new wallet
3. It will give your key words that represents your password to Coinomi account, please write this down to paper and keep it in a safe place, failure to do so could make you lose all your funds stored with Coinomi, when you finish, press Next
4. Coinomi will ask you again for key words in step 3, enter it as you noted, then press Next
5. If all is well it will ask your password and password confirmation, enter them and press Next
6. It will ask you for what kind of coin your wallet will use, scroll down and choose Zcoin then press Finish
7. After this you will be in the Overview page of the Coinomi app, press the Zcoin logo
8. You will enter the Zcoin wallet page, look at the top blue bar and press receive
9. You will see the receiving address, hold down the text after My address label (it should start with 'a' or 'z' character), copy the text. this is your destination Zcoin address to transfer from BX/Binance to Coinomi

10. Transfer your Zcoins from BX/Binance using Coinomi address from step 9

11. After some time, your balance in Coinomi will be updated

12. Press send button at the blue bar, you will be on the Send page
13. Go to Satang.Pro and copy your Zcoin address

14. Enter your Satang Pro Zcoin address and amount you want to send, then press Send

15. It will ask you for your Coinomi password, enter it, review the transaction detail, then press Confirm

16. Coinomi will then send the transaction to Zcoin Blockchain network

17. After some time your Satang Pro account will be deposited with the Zcoins you sent from Coinomi (this should take less than 2-3 hours)

18. Congratulations! You just successfully deposited your Zcoins into Satang Pro system, enjoy trading :D 

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