Before trading THB pairs, you need to complete an ID Account verification first. Please see how to it in the links below:

How to do ID Verification

Then please follow these steps:

  1. Login to
  2. Choose the market you want to trade on the top-left. 

3. "Buy Orders" is the open buy order on the exchange and "Sell Orders" is the open sell order on the exchange. 

4. Your balance that is available for trading is on the left. 

5. If you choose "limit option", please choose buy or sell, enter the amount of cryptos you want to trade, and fill the price per coin.  Check carefully then click buy/sell. 

This option will give you the "best price for seller". For example, if there's a sell order for 100 THB/BTC and then there's a buy order at 200 THB/BTC, the order will be matched at 200THB/BTC to give the best price for seller. 

6. If you choose the "market option", you are trading at whatever price that is on the market.  So if you want to buy bitcoin and you have 100,000 THB, there's one sell order at 20,000 THB/BTC and another order at 80,000THB/BTC, your order will be matched with both.
*Please be very careful using this option.

7. After an order is matched, it will be shown in "recent trades". The order that is yet unmatched, will be shown in "open orders".  

The order can be partially matched and will still be shown on "open orders". For example, you have a buy order of 1 BTC but someone bought 0.5 BTC, then you still have 0.5 BTC waiting to buy.  

8. You can check all the order history both open and successful ones by clicking your email on the top-right > choose "balances"

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